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Do I need to add coconut peat to each new tray?
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Bedding is an important part of every worm farm, providing your worms an environment with correct moisture levels, better air flow and room to wriggle. Worms also like to munch on bedding so it needs to be worm-friendly. 

Worm farms often come with a coconut peat block. Coconut peat is a great bedding for your worm farm as it retains moisture and provides a cosy environment for your worms.

However, there are lots of other options to choose from! Worm farm bedding is typically a pH-neutral, organic material that has a high carbon:nitrogen ratio. This includes materials such as shredded paper and cardboard, coconut coir and aged compost. You can select from one or add a combination of bedding options in your worm farm. 

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