What do I do with the fermented food scraps?
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It usually takes a household of 4 people who eat at home most nights about 2-3 weeks to fill a 15 litre bokashi bin. When your bokashi bin is full you can either leave it to ferment further for a week (and start filling another bin), or empty it. There are a couple of different ways to do this:

Bury it

Bury fermented scraps in at least 10cm of soil in the ground or in a large pot, or mix it into a compost bin. It will then break down into the soil in about 10 days, providing your garden with nitrogen, nutrients, microbes and enzymes.

Be sure to bury fermented scraps away from the roots of plants, particularly young plants. A hole of 20-25cms is deep enough. Mix the fermented scraps with soil, and add a layer of soil on top to fill the hole. It's also a good idea to spread the bokashi scraps out so they are not too concentrated in a single place.

Put it in a garden compost bin

If you have an outdoor compost bin, the partially composted solids from your bokashi bin will fit right in. Remember to mix an equal amount of carbon-based materials like dry leaves and newspaper in with the bokashi scraps to maintain a healthy balance of nitrogen and carbon in your compost bin.

Gift it to a neighbour or community garden

If you live in an apartment without access to ground space, you can bury fermented scraps in a large pot of soil, give it to a friend or community garden's soil or compost bin, or get in touch with a fellow composter through ShareWaste. You’ll be their new best friend and you may even get a tasty reward as some people even trade compost and bokashi for produce from community gardens.

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