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The Farm

Product details and common questions about The Farm

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The Farm is our new entry-level worm farm, re-imagined from the ground up. New features to improve worm well-being and productivity include an integrated easy-to-clean worm saver tray, a continuous flow worm liquid catchment system and optional legs for increased airflow in hotter climates. Suited for smaller households with gardens or balconies – or for composters looking for liquid fertiliser – the Farm processes up to 2 litres of food scraps per week.

With a range of coloured lids and trays to choose from, The Farm fits into any urban worm farmer's garden or balcony. Made from locally sourced recycled plastic, it closes the loop on one waste stream while recycling another!

Common questions

What do I need to get started?

The Farm comes with a coconut peat block so to get started, you will only need 1,000 worms and a worm blanket. A hessian worm blanket can be purchased from our website, or you can make a DIY worm blanket from an old cotton towel or sheet, or even the cardboard box that The Farm comes in!

You can also opt to purchase plastic or wooden legs for The Farm as well as an auto-flow tube.

Does the Farm come with worms?

No - the Farm doesn't come with worms but you can add them to your order at the Compost Revolution checkout.

Does the Farm come with a coconut peat block?

Yes - the Farm does come with 1 x coconut peat block.

Do I need to purchase legs?

The Farm legs are not required but the extra height provided by the legs adds extra air flow as well as easier access when feeding your worms. 

Do I need to purchase the Auto-flow tube?

No. The Farm has a drainage hole at the centre of the base, allowing worm wee to drain into the clear plastic tray. An Auto-flow tube can be purchased to collect and direct the worm wee to a specific location.

Please note, the Auto-flow tube can be cut to size upon arrival.

Where should the clear plastic tray be placed?

The clear plastic tray should be placed beneath The Farm and is used to catch the worm wee that flows out through the bottom of The Farm.

My trays don’t fit tightly together once there are scraps in them. Is this okay?

Once full, the contents of each tray should just touch the tray above. This allows the worms to wriggle between the levels. If the trays do not fit together once full, they may be too full. Trays should be swapped once they are ¾ full. 

I haven’t gotten any worm wee - what should I do?

Worm wee takes a while to start flowing - even a few months for some and the amount of worm wee that is produced from a worm farm does vary. A lack of worm wee is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can mean that the worms are working in a well balanced, 'not too moist, not too dry' environment. Worm farms can act in a self sufficient kind of way in that the cycle of moisture, oxygen and nutrients can be in perfect balance, which means no excess moisture leaves the farm as worm wee...or the drainage is not working well and the wetness is staying at the bottom of the worm farm soil, not dripping into the worm wee collection tray. Is it waterlogged at the bottom of the soil? 

If the farm isn't waterlogged and you are after worm wee for the garden, you could try skimming some castings from the worm farm and putting it in water to make instant worm wee!

The legs fall off when I move The Farm - how can I fix this?

If you have a pesky leg that just won’t stay in, try rotating the leg to make sure that it is properly installed in the socket. If it still isn’t staying in place, please contact our friendly Revolution Support Squad.

Can I add dog/cat poo to the The Farm?

Cat and dog poo can carry human pathogens. For this reason, we do not recommend adding animal poo to a worm farm located in close proximity to human activity or where worm castings are added to edible gardens. 

Worms will eat animal poo but if given a mixed diet tend to prefer the food scraps. 

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