The Dirt Vader compost bin

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Turn any household's food scraps to the 'dirt side' with this large capacity 220 litre on-ground composting bin. Made from 100% recycled plastic with an extra UV stabilising additive for long-lasting protection against the harsh sun. It  features easy assembly by hand, and with 12 zinc plated bolts securing the rigid walls for extra stability, this tough Aussie battler may be the last compost bin you'll ever need to buy.

Common questions

How do I aerate/mix the compost? 

Keep your stirrer next to the compost and turn it every time food scraps are added. Sink your stirrer into the top 2/3 of your compost and pull it up several times, 'tossing' the food scraps and letting fresh air in.

I am missing the nuts and bolts. What should I do?

Oh nuts! Please get in touch with our friendly Support Squad Team via email

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