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The 245 litre Eco Tumbler transforms food and garden waste into nutrient rich compost faster thanks to its large dual compartments which allow you to add new compost while the first chamber is curing. An easy-crank handle makes regular aeration effortless, while the sliding doors mean it is quick to load and harvest compost.

The Eco Tumbler is a second generation model, redesigned with a leading Melbourne-based industrial design firm, and features a stronger UV stabilised plastic body, a new reinforced handle, a zinc coated frame, and a ratchet and gear cover to prevent backward rotation and improve safety.

Common Questions

Do I need to place the Eco Tumbler on bare earth?

No - the Eco Tumbler can be placed on any surface as it is an above-ground model. 

Do I need to add worms into the Eco Tumbler?

No - worms don’t need to be added to the Eco Tumbler. While some choose to add worms to their compost bin, it is best not to add worms to your tumbler as if conditions become unsuitable, the worms are unable to escape. 

What is the difference between the Eco Tumbler and Eco Roto?

Both the Eco Tumbler and Eco Roto are compost tumblers. The Eco Tumbler is larger, holding 245L [Dimensions: 105cm (w) x 71cm (d) x 113cm (h)] versus 160L in the Eco Roto [Dimensions: 66cm (d) x 73cm (l) x 93cm (h)].

The Eco Tumbler is rotated using a handle while the Eco Roto is rotated manually, with the aid of hand-holds.

Help - my Eco Tumbler is leaking!

The Eco Tumbler has air vents which aid aeration and drainage. The vents can be opened and closed at your discretion however, we recommend keeping them open if your compost is getting too moist (check your moisture levels here).

When the vents are open, compost leachate will drain from the tumbler. We recommend placing a bucket beneath the tumbler to collect the leachate which is a great fertiliser for your garden!

Help - I can’t put this together! 

Don’t panic - we are here to help. Try this step-by-step video. If you still need assistance, please email our friendly Support Squad team. 

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