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The 160 litre Eco Roto is a cost-effective, no-frills tumbling composter with a two-chamber design which allows you to add new compost while the first chamber is curing. With a solid multi-panel body assembled with 50 zinc coated bolts, and a strong metal frame, the Eco Roto is a robust system you can rely on. Rotation is aided by hand holds on the body but still requires some effort when both chambers are full.

Common Questions

Do I need to place the Eco Roto on bare earth?

No - the Eco Roto Composter can be placed on any surface as it is an above-ground model. 

Do I need to add worms into the Eco Roto?

No - worms don’t need to be added to the Eco Roto Composter. While some choose to add worms to their compost bin, it is best not to add worms to your tumbler as if conditions become unsuitable, the worms are unable to escape. 

What is the difference between the Eco Tumbler and Eco Roto?

Both the Eco Tumbler and Eco Roto are compost tumblers. The Eco Tumbler is larger, holding 245L [Dimensions: 105cm (w) x 71cm (d) x 113cm (h)] versus 160L in the Eco Roto [Dimensions: 66cm (d) x 73cm (l) x 93cm (h)].

The Eco Tumbler is rotated using a handle while the Eco Roto is rotated manually, with the aid of hand-holds.

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