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Reduce your eco paw print with the EnsoPet pet poo composter. This compact in-ground composting system utilises worms and micro-organisms in the ground to recycle pet waste hygienically into rich nutrients for your soil. All you need is a small outdoor space in grass or soil, then worms and micro-organisms do the rest, keeping your pet waste out of landfill, and your shoes!

Common Questions

Can I add kitty litter to the EnsoPet?

Yes - you can compost kitty litter as long as it is made from 100% plant-based matter – this means recycled newspaper or plant pulp.

Can I add all animal poo to the EnsoPet?

Composts all pet waste including dog, cat, guinea pig and rabbit. 

Does the EnsoPet come in different sizes?

No, it is one size fits all! The EnsoPet Poo composting system comes in one size, suitable for composting approximately 300 grams per day (dependant on factors such as temperature and soil condition). 

How much Enzyme Grain is required?
Approximately 20 grams of enzyme grain is required per 100 grams of pet waste. 

Do you sell EnsoPet Enzyme Grain individually?

You will receive one packet of the EnsoPet Enzyme Grain with your purchase of the EnsoPet. We don't currently sell individual packets of the EnsoPet Enzyme Grain but you can purchase this Enzyme Grain which is compatible with the EnsoPet Poo Composter.

Can I add my pet's poo if they have recently had worming medication?

Yes, you can still add your pet's poo. Earthworms will generally stay away from poo containing pet worming medication, until the chemicals are diluted down to an acceptable level. The poo will breakdown normally through microbial activity.

How deep do I need to bury my EnsoPet Poo Composter?

The EnsoPet needs to be buried in a hole 40cm deep and 40cm wide. The composter should be placed into the hole, so that only the lid is sitting above ground.

Do I need to buy worms for my EnsoPet Poo Composter?

No, the EnsoPet does not require composting worms. Soil microbes and earthworms will band together to ensure the rapid breakdown your pet's poo!

Do I need to empty the EnsoPet Poo Composter?

No, the EnsoPet runs on a continuous cycle of composting. This means that it will take many months to fill, or may never completely fill.

If it is filling up more quickly than this, you might be adding more than the composter can handle at a time.

Does the EnsoPet Poo produce compost for my garden?

The EnsoPet runs on a continuous cycle of composting. This means that it will take many months to fill, or may never completely fill. As such, it doesn't provide compost to use in your garden but does benefit the surrounding soil.

Help! The contents of my EnsoPet Poo Composter is not breaking down!

Firstly, don't panic! If an EnsoPet fills and does not appear to be composting it may have become airlocked, at this stage you need to stop adding waste. To aid the composting process aerate the waste daily (give the contents a stir), add some carbon rich waste, such as dry leaves, shredded paper or spent potting mix, and keep the waste moist.

If after a few weeks the waste still does not appear to be composting, relocate the EnsoPet – dig around the unit to remove on side, once one side is detached the other 3 sides come out easier, leave the waste in the hole, covered with soil, the waste will continue to compost.

How moist should the contents of my EnsoPet Poo Composter be?

The EnsoPet doesn't always require the addition of water as it generally stays moist with natural rainfall. However, if you find that it is drying out (e.g. during periods of no rainfall), make sure that the soil surrounding it gets a good watering when you water the garden. This will moisten the contents of the EnsoPet. Just be careful not to add too much as this can hinder the process. If the EnsoPet becomes too moist, you will notice it start to become gluggly/clay like.

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