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Mix of Red Wriggler and Tigers. Born and bred in Victoria, Australia.

Common questions

What type of worms do you provide?

Our live worms are a mix of tiger and red wriggler worms. Tiger and red wriggler worms are both well known in the composting world as adaptable worms with a voracious appetite. 

Are compost worms the same as garden worms?

No, composting worms are different to garden worms/earthworms. Composting worms prefer wetter conditions, eat ‘raw’ organic material and liver closer to the surface. In contrast, earthworms like to remove dead organic material from the soil surface then burrow down and carry it underground.

How do you send the worms? Are they safe?

We package and send our worms using methods that work to ensure their safety and wellbeing. This includes dispatching worms on days that minimise their time in transit. 

Worms will be safe and comfortable in transit for around 10 days. 

I will not be at home when the worms arrive. What should I do?

If you will not be at home when your new worm family arrive, make sure that there is a shaded position that they can be left in. To ensure their safety and wellbeing, try to place them in your worm farm within 24 hours of arriving. 

How long will worms remain healthy for in transit?

Worms will be safe and comfortable in transit for around 10 days. 

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