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The 'City' 8 litre kitchen caddy stores more scraps than typical caddies, saving you from daily trips to your compost or worm farm. Designed and made in Australia from recycled plastic, its stylish lime green airtight lid keeps fruit flies out and the kitchen style police happy.

Common questions

How do I clean the caddy?

Your caddy can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. It is best not to use hot water to wash your caddy as this can warp the shape of the container. The caddy is made with recycled plastic which has a lower heat resistance to virgin plastic.

Can the 'City' Kitchen Caddy by recycled?

Yes, it can be recycled.

Does the 'City' Kitchen Caddy come with a tap?

The 'City' Kitchen Caddy looks similar to the Urban Composter Bokashi bin but it is not a Bokashi bin and therefore doesn't come with a tap. It should be used to store food scraps prior to placing them in a compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bin.

If liquid is building up in the 'City' Kitchen caddy, this indicates that the scraps aren't being emptied often enough.

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