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Community advocates are an important part of the Compost Revolution - leading the movement in their local area. Very often, local change can start with just one passionate person. 

If you would like to get your local council, school or community group involved in the war on waste, take a look at our handy hints below. If you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Support Squad Team via email.

Getting your local council onboard

If your council isn’t currently participating in the Compost Revolution, it is important that they hear from switched on residents like you! 

The best way to get the ball rolling is to contact your local council’s mayor, sustainability officer or waste management team. You can find their contact details here

You can share your composting experience, ideas and if you would like to do so, you can also share this page which is jam packed with information for councils.

Getting local schools involved

Gardening and sustainability programs are popping up almost every day at schools across Australia. Some are even part of the curriculum! What better way to educate students on the fun, beauty, and responsibility of the cycle of life than by teaching them how to recycle food scraps into soil and fertiliser through composting and worm farming - and then doing the same at home?

This is where Scraps for Schools comes in. As kids get skilled up at school, why not bring their skills to life to make a difference at home? Simply grab a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin from your council at anywhere from 40-80% off retail and free delivery (offer varies by council) to start a tradition at home that will pass down through the generations. And for every bin or farm you get, we'll donate money to a school of your choice!

Here's how it works

 1. Nominate your school. (Be sure to chat with the principal or a gardening champion at your school to get their ok.)

2. Email us at [email protected] to get a custom coupon code to track donations.

3. Download the flyer below and write in the coupon code. (Contact us if you need help typing the coupon code onto the flyer.)

4. Spread the word around your school! Get the flyer into the school newsletter, send flyers home with students, post it up in classrooms and hallways, and contact your local newspaper. Most councils are happy to provide schools with printed flyers.

5. There's no limit to donations. Your school gets $5 for every bin or farm purchased with the coupon code. If you purchase 2, your school gets $10!

Getting your community group involved

Community composting is a great way to give locals an early insight into food waste and composting practices. More often than not, they will be setting up their own system at home in no time at all!

Some great ways to start community composting include:

  • Install a compost bin or worm farm at your local community centre: upon installation, spread the word! You might even like to host a free composting workshop to make sure that everyone has all the information they need to participate. 

  • Start a food waste collection club: collect food scraps from members of your community group and add them to your home compost. You might even like to share your finished compost with them to show the finished result!

Organise a field trip to a local community garden: Your local community garden is a great place to learn about composting and its role in nurturing soil for food production. 

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