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Just like your compost, your friends and family might need a bit of a stir to get them started. We have shared some great ways to get your friends and family involved below:

Start a conversation at the table

Surrounded by food, the kitchen or dining table is a great place to start a discussion about reducing food waste as well as the benefits of composting. Lead by example and share your food waste journey. After your meal, you might like to invite your guests to join you in taking any remaining food scraps to your compost bin, worm farm or bokashi. This is your chance to educate your guests - show them how composting works for you and discuss how it might work for them!

If you have a veggie garden, make sure to take them on a tour! This is a great way to demonstrate the role of compost in nurturing soil for food production. 

Start a food waste collection club

A food waste collection club is a great way to introduce your loved ones to composting while also building a greater sense of community. Collect food scraps from your friends and family, and then add them to your home compost. You might even like to share your finished compost with them to show the finished result!

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