Compost up to 2L of fruit and vegetable scraps per week plus pet poo and garden matter

For households without access to a garden or courtyard with soil

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We have some great options for you! Check out our recommendations below.

Our pet poo composting systems need soil access for installation. But, anything is paw-ssible! Have a friendly neighbour with a garden or live in a unit block with a shared garden? Have a chat with others about installing a shared pet poo composting system such as the EnsoPet Poo Composter.

You can still add your fruit and vegetable scraps plus garden matter to a compost tumbler.

The Eco Tumbler Composter

Suitable for all households, with or without a garden, the 245 litre Eco Tumbler is a rodent and pest resistant composter that features large dual compartments which allow you to add new compost while the first chamber is curing.



  • Collect food scraps and garden matter, and add them to the bin

  • Easy aeration using a geared handle

  • Slide doors mean it is quick to load and harvest compost


  • Australia-wide: $229.00 (RRP = $269.00)

  • Council discount: See if your council provides a further discount by clicking 'Get your council discount', and entering your residential address at the bottom of the home page​

Looking for a lower cost tumbler option? Take a look at the smaller Eco Roto Composter (Australia-wide: $109.00).

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