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The Hungry Bin

The Hungry Bin is a high capacity, low-maintenance worm farm that is rodent and pest resistant - providing a simple experience for larger households. Once established, it recycles up to 2 litres of food scraps per day!


  • Installation: Requires simple assembly

  • Use: Add your food scraps and worms will do the rest! Worm wee is collected through a continuous flow system while worm castings need to be harvested a few times a year. You will need to keep an eye on the conditions to keep your worms happy: Check out our worm farming tutorial for more information.


  • Australia-wide: $329.00 (RRP = $399.00)

  • Council discount: See if your council provides a further discount by entering your address at the homepage

Bokashi bins

These systems allow you to compost all food waste and hold 2-3 weeks of scraps for the average household. This then ferments for another week before being buried in your garden or added to a compost bin. The fermented food breaks down several times faster than unprocessed food making it an ideal no-fuss method of returning your food waste's valuable nutrient store to your garden.

As you don't have access to a garden with soil, make sure to check with a local community garden or ShareWaste to see if there are local composters that you can donate your scraps to.

Find our range of Bokashi bins on our product page.

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