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If you are looking to go zero waste, keep in mind that some types of food waste should only be added to your compost bin in small amounts.

The Eco Tumbler Composter

Suitable for all households, with or without a garden, the 245 litre Eco Tumbler is a rodent and pest resistant composter that features large dual compartments which allow you to add new compost while the first chamber is curing.



  • Collect food scraps and garden matter, and add them to the bin

  • Easy aeration using a geared handle

  • Slide doors mean it is quick to load and harvest compost


  • Australia-wide: $229.00 (RRP = $269.00)

  • Council discount: See if your council provides a further discount by clicking 'Get your council discount', and entering your residential address at the bottom of the home page

Looking for a lower cost tumbler option? Take a look at the smaller Eco Roto Composter (Australia-wide: $109.00).

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