Compost 4-6L of all food waste per week (no garden matter or pet poo)

For households with access to a garden or courtyard with soil

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We have some great options for you! Check out our recommendations below.

The Green Cone Solar Composter

The Green Cone is suitable for composting up to 4L of food scraps per week in summer, 2L in winter and pet poo all year round (in moderation). As a low maintenance system, it requires no turning, just add scraps!

To go zero waste with over 4L of fruit and vegetable scraps, consider buying a second composting system.


  • Installation: Bury the basket in a sunny patch of grass or soil about 40cm deep

  • Use: Add your food scraps, the Green Cone (and nature!) does the rest


  • Australia-wide: $239.00 (RRP = $299.00)

  • Council discount: See if your council provides a further discount by entering your address at the homepage

Bokashi bins

These systems allow you to compost all food waste and hold 2-3 weeks of scraps for the average household. This then ferments for another week before being buried in your garden. The fermented food breaks down several times faster than unprocessed food making it an ideal no-fuss method of returning your food waste's valuable nutrient store to your garden.

Find our range of Bokashi bins on our product page.

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