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Compost balls or clumps in your tumbler
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You may have noticed your unfinished compost forming large, dense balls in your tumbler, a little like these...

Compost balls and clumps commonly form during tumbling when your compost is a little too moist. You may have also added large amounts of clumping-prone materials such as grass clippings, paper or cardboard.

It is best to remove the balls or clumps as their contents will receive little aeration; resulting in an anaerobic, smelly situation. And, ultimately, slowing down your compost.

What can you do?

  • Step 1: Don’t panic! It is an easy (and fun) fix.

  • Step 2: Grab your favourite gardening tool and break up the clumps.

  • Step 3: Give your compost a little TLC...

a) Balance out the moisture levels with some browns

b) Before adding clumping-prone materials, make sure that the moisture levels are balanced. This will minimise their clumping tendencies!

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