What do worm eggs look like?
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As temperatures change, worms often go into breeding mode. You may spot some little round cocoons in colours of golden to deep red. These are home to worm eggs! That’s right…you have some new additions to your worm family.

The cocoons are laid near the surface of worm bedding and can last many months in a wide range of environments. When the conditions are right, the cocoons will hatch with your new worms wriggling their way out - ready to start munching on your food scraps.

When harvesting castings, some of the cocoons will inevitably be removed. But, keep an eye out for them! If you have the time, gently sift through the castings with your fingers (or a sifting screen) and return the cocoons that you find to your worm farm. This is a great activity for junior worm farmers too!

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