I am not getting any worm wee. What should I do?
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Worm wee takes a while to start flowing - even a few months for some and the amount of worm wee that is produced from a worm farm does vary. 

A lack of worm wee is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can mean that the worms are working in a well balanced, 'not too moist, not too dry' environment. Worm farms can act in a self sufficient kind of way in that the cycle of moisture, oxygen and nutrients can be in perfect balance, which means no excess moisture leaves the farm as worm wee. However, a lack of worm wee may also be a sign of poor drainage, or a lack of moisture in your worm farm. 

To check the moisture levels in your worm farm, visit this article: "How moist should my worm farm be?"

To check drainage in your worm farm, gently move castings to reach the bottom of the tray. Have a look around and see whether the wetness is staying at the bottom of the worm farm soil, not dripping into the worm wee collection tray. Remove any clumps of food scraps, newspaper etc. that may be causing the blockage.

If the farm isn't waterlogged and you are after worm wee for the garden, you could try skimming some worm castings from the worm farm and putting it in water to make instant worm wee! Check out our video here for instructions!

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